# RecipeOps - Job failed trigger

This trigger monitors all active or selected recipes for failed jobs. This allows you to build recipe logic to automate corrective actions - like notifications - in the event of an issue.

Each failed job will be picked up as a trigger event, regardless if the additional jobs fail with the same error.

# Input

Field Description
Recipes to monitor The recipe(s) to monitor. You can monitor:

  • All - Monitor all recipes in the connected workspace
  • Selected - Monitor selected recipes
Recipe IDs If monitoring selected recipes, provide the IDs of the recipes as a comma-separated list. For example: 362905, 362906

Recipe IDs can be found in the URL of your browser. Navigate to the recipe's page and look for a number after https://app.workato.com/recipes/.

For example: If the URL is https://app.workato.com/recipes/362905-timekeeper, then the recipe ID is 362905.

# Output

Field Description
Job ID The ID of the failed job.
Original Job ID The ID of the original job, if this was a repeated job.
Recipe ID The ID of the recipe.
Calling job ID The ID of the calling job, if this job was called from Recipe Functions.
Calling recipe ID The ID of the calling recipe, if this job was called from Recipe Functions.
Title The title of the recipe.
Status The status of the recipe.
Is repeat Whether the job was a repeated job.
Is test Whether the job was a test job.
Started at The time this job was started at.
Completed at The time the last step was completed.
Repeat count The number of times this job was rerun, the count starts from 1.
Flow ID (deprecated) The ID of the recipe. This field is deprecated.
Error Details about the error that caused the job to fail. This field has some additional sub-fields:
Field Description
Error ID The error ID.
Error type The error type.
Error at The time the error occurred.
Adapter The connector whose step caught the error.
Action The internal name of the action.
Line number The step number where the error occurred.
Message The error message.
Inner message A more detailed message, if any.

# Resources

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