# RecipeOps - Recipe Stopped by Workato Trigger

This trigger monitors selected recipes for stoppages and allows you to build contingencies for those recipes.

Under certain conditions, Workato will stop an active recipe. This typically occurs when Workato encounters non-recoverable errors when attempting to run a recipe.

For example: If 60 consecutive authentication errors occur in a recipe trigger, Workato will stop the recipe.

Using this trigger, you could build restart logic to restart the recipe or escalation policies to notify your teammates.

# Input

Field Description
Recipes to monitor The recipe(s) to monitor. You can monitor:
  • All - Monitor all recipes in the connected workspace
  • Selected - Monitor selected recipes
Recipe IDs If monitoring selected recipes, provide the IDs of the recipes as a comma-separated list. For example: 362905, 362906

Recipe IDs can be found in the URL of your browser. Navigate to the recipe's page and look for a number after https://app.workato.com/recipes/.

For example: If the URL is https://app.workato.com/recipes/362905-timekeeper, then the recipe ID is 362905.

# Output

Field Description
Error ID The ID of the error.
Message A message describing the error. For example: Invalid connection
Error count The total number of times the error was encountered.
Error connector
Error source
Error source name
Is authorization error If true, the error was related to a user authorization issue.
Is rate limit error If true, the error was related to API rate limits.

# Resources

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