SAP Action - Run RFC

Use this action to discover and run a Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) or Remote Function Method (RFM), via Remote Function Call (RFC) in a SAP system.

Input fields

Field name Description
BAPI/RFM name Select the BAPI/RFM you want to run. This picklist contains all BAPIs/RFMs in your SAP system.

Note that if your SAP system has a large number of BAPIs/RFMs, this picklist and searching may take up to 15 seconds to load. Searching will be faster if you copy & paste the BAPI/RFM name into this field, instead of typing the name. We are working on improving this limitation.

Once the BAPI/RFM is selected, all of its data fields can be found in the Add/remove optional fields section.
Auto commit Some BAPIs/RFMs do not commit the changes by default. Select Yes if you want force BAPI/RFM to automatically commit. If No, whether BAPI/RFM will auto commit depends on its own settings.

Output fields

Field name Description
BAPI/RFM name Name of the selected BAPI/RFM.
Status Status after BAPI/RFM is run in SAP. It can be a success or failure status.
Error message The error message if error occurs.
Response data Contains the response data fields from SAP after BAPI/RFM is run.

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