SAP Action - Run RFM

Note: This action is currently in private beta and not released to public yet. It is coming soon.

Use this action to discover and run a Remote Function Method (RFM), using Remote Function Call (RFC) in a SAP system.

Input fields

Field name Description
RFM name Select the RFM you want to run. This picklist contains all RFMs in your SAP system, including BAPIs. Once the RMF is selected, all of its data fields can be found in the Add/remove optional fields section.
Auto commit Many RFMs do not commit the change by default. Select 'Yes' if you want RFM to automatically commit.

Output fields

Field name Description
RFM name Name of the selected RFM.
Status Status after RFM is run in SAP. It can be a success or failure status.
Error message The error message if error occurs.
Response data Contains the response data fields from SAP after RFM is run.

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