SAP Trigger - New IDoc

Trigger New IDoc

This trigger allows you to listen to and receive IDocs from an on-premise SAP system, or from an SAP system on a server behind the corporate firewall. Note that you must configure IDocs in your SAP system before using this trigger.

Input fields

Field name Description
IDoc name The IDoc to listen to. You can select an IDoc name from the picklist or enter IDoc name directly. Note that the picklist only displays IDocs that are configured in the partner profile in your SAP system.
Release number Check with your SAP admin what IDoc release should be used. By default, Workato uses the earliest release of the selected IDoc.

Output fields

The trigger will output all segments and data fields of the IDoc received from SAP. In this sample IDoc, EDI_DC40 and E1MARAM segments.

Trigger New IDoc output

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