# New IDocs batch trigger

The New IDoc batch trigger allows you to listen to outbound IDocs from SAP in real time. You can use this trigger to process multiple IDocs in a single job. Note that the New IDoc batch trigger is only compatible with OPA v23.0 and higher.

To fully leverage this feature, configure the SAP system partner profile to enable sending multiple IDocs in one transaction. This allows you to process IDocs in batches and improve your IDocs transfer speed from system to system. IDocs batches are sent to Workato's webhooks gateway, and are subject to rate and memory limits.


Configuring batch sizes larger than 1000 in SAP can result in errors.

New IDocs batch triggerNew IDocs batch trigger


You must configure IDocs in your SAP system before using this trigger.

# How batching works with IDocs

The New IDocs batch trigger process events based on the batch size you configure. For example:

Example 1

If you configure your batch size to 5 but ten IDocs are sent, two jobs are created with each job containing five IDocs.

Example 2

If you configure your batch size to 5 but two IDocs are sent, one job containing two IDocs is created.

# Input fields

Input field Description
IDoc type Select the IDoc type from the target SAP system. If the IDoc type you plan to use is not available in the drop-down menu, consider configuring the IDoc in the WE20 dialogue in the SAP system before establishing a connection between Workato and SAP.
Batch size Specify the number of IDocs you plan to process within a single job. The default batch size is 100. Valid batch sizes range from 1 to 1000.

Trigger New IDocConfigure batch size

# Output fields

The output for this trigger includes all segments and data fields for the IDocs received from the SAP system.

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