New/updated CSV file in directory trigger

This triggers picks up new or updated CSV files in a specified folder. New and updated CSV files in subfolders will also be picked up.

Workato collates CSV lines and processes them in batches. The default batch size is 100 and max batch size is 1000.

New/updated CSV in directory trigger New/updated CSV in directory trigger


Input field Description
Directory Select the folder that you want to track. You can choose from the dropdown menu or enter the folder path directly.
Column names Enter CSV headers. You can enter them manually or provide a sample CSV file.
Column delimiter Select the character that separates columns in the CSV file.
Contains header row Indicate if there is a header line.
Batch size Number of CSV rows to process per batch. The max batch size is 1000.
Expected encoding Expected encoding of the CSV files.
Keep track of columns by Configure this if your CSV content does not have a fixed column order.
Quote character The character used to quote CSV cell values.


The output of this action is a list of records, with each record containing the schema as defined in the CSV column names. As this is list datapill, you would have to use a repeat action to iterate through the each record.

Output field Description
File name The filename of the CSV.
First batch Whether this is the first batch of CSV rows.
Last batch Whether this is the last batch of CSV rows.
Lines This is a List datapill, representing the list of records.
List schema Datapills defined by your CSV column names.
List size Total number of rows.

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