# Sharepoint FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Sharepoint.

What is SharePoint and how does it integrate with Workato?

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration, document management, and storage system that integrates with Microsoft Office. You can integrate SharePoint with Workato to build integrations and automations.

Do I need an Azure account to connect SharePoint to Workato?

Yes. You must have an Azure account to connect SharePoint to Workato. Your Azure account is used to set up API permissions and application registration through the Azure portal.

What do I have to do to register the Workato app in SharePoint?

Basic steps to register the Workato app in SharePoint include:

  • Log into the Azure portal.
  • Create a new app registration.
  • Configure API permissions.
  • Generate a client secret.

Refer to How to connect to SharePoint on Workato for detailed instructions.

How do I configure the SharePoint connection in Workato?

Complete the following steps to configure the SharePoint connection in Workato.


Navigate to a project in Workato.


Create a new connection.


Search for Microsoft SharePoint.


Enter the required fields, such as the Client ID and the Client Secret obtained from the Azure portal.

What are the required fields for setting up a SharePoint connector in Workato?

Required fields for setting up the SharePoint connector include:

  • Subdomain
  • Application/Client ID
  • Client Secret
How do I link my SharePoint account to Workato?

Link your SharePoint account to Workato by selecting the option to link your account during the connection setup and entering your SharePoint credentials in the pop-up window. Refer to Configure SharePoint connection in Workato the SharePoint for more information.

How can I verify if my SharePoint connection is successfully established in Workato?

Workato displays a successful connection message after your connection setup is complete and you have entered your SharePoint credentials. You can verify the connection by accessing SharePoint data through the connector in your Workato recipe.

Connect SharePoint to WorkatoSharePoint successfully connected to Workato

Last updated: 2/2/2024, 9:18:15 PM