# Workday FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Workday.

What is Workday and how does it integrate with Workato?

Workday is a cloud-based software for financial management and human capital management. You can integrate Workday with Workato to create automations and sync data between your Workday instance and other cloud applications.

What types of services does Workday offer for integration?

Workday offers three primary types of services for integration:

  • Workday Web Services (SOAP APIs for reading and writing data)
  • Workday REST (REST APIs mainly for custom objects)
  • Workday Report-as-a-Service (RaaS) for reading data from custom reports
What is the Workday Approved Badge?

The Workday Approved Badge indicates that Workato's Workday connector is officially recognized and approved by Workday for HR Onboarding/HCM use cases.

Which API versions does Workato support for Workday services?

Workato supports multiple versions for Workday Web Services, ranging from v29.0 to v40.2, and Workday REST API v1. There are no specific versions for Workday RaaS.

How do I connect to Workday on Workato?

Basic steps to connect to Workday on Workato are:

Why is it recommended to use an Integration System User (ISU) in Workday for integration?

Using an ISU for integration is recommended to ensure that all operations are logged under a dedicated user for integration purposes. Using an ISU also prevents disruptions in case the worker’s security profile changes or the worker is terminated.

What are the steps to register an Integration System User in Workday for integration?

Basic steps to register an ISU are:

  • Create an Integration System Security Group.
  • Grant domain access.
  • Create the ISU account.
  • Assign the security group to the ISU.
  • Optional. Set your global preferences for language and locale.
Is it necessary to register an API client for Workday integration?

Registering an API client is necessary if you plan to work with custom objects in Workday, as authentication for the Workday REST API requires an OAuth client setup.

What are the different Workday connectors available in Workato and their authentication methods?

Workato offers three Workday connectors:

  • Workday connector (main)
  • Workday Web Services connector
  • Workday REST connector

All three connectors support OAuth 2.0 and basic authentication.

How do I set up the Workday Web Services connector in Workato?

Basic steps to set up the Workday Web Services connector are:

  • Provide a connection name.
  • Select your Workday Web Services version.
  • Provide your tenant ID, WSDL URL, and authentication credentials.
  • Configure OAuth 2.0 or basic authentication.
How is the Workday REST connector configured in Workato?

Basic steps to configure the Workday REST connector are:

  • Provide connection name.
  • Provide a REST API endpoint, authorization endpoint, and token endpoint.
  • Enter your client ID.
  • Enter your client secret.

Last updated: 3/20/2024, 7:37:41 PM