# Workday RaaS

Workday Reports-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a feature that exposes reports as web services. These reports must be configured as Advanced type reports to be web service enabled.

# Custom Reports Setup

Custom Reports (advanced type) can be exposed as a Web Service to be used programmatically. Workato uses this web service to automate report run and to integrate report data from Workday to other applications.

# How to find report URL

Find URL in Actions > Web Service > View URLs

View RaaS URL View Report URLs

Right-click JSON and choose "Copy URL"


JSON endpoint example


# Filter parameters

Prompts behave like request parameters. In the UI, it is presented as input fields before generating the actual report.

RaaS prompts Raas prompts on Workday UI

As a REST endpoint, these prompts are passed as request parameters. To do so, you have to set the report type and configure prompts. You can also define filters for your prompts.

# Report type

Switch to advanced type if not already. Only Advanced custom reports can be used in RaaS.

RaaS change to advance Use advanced report

# Add prompts

Add all default prompts that are required of web-service-enabled reports. Add additional prompts as desired.

Add RaaS prompts Add RaaS prompts

In this example, Base Pay is assigned to Prompt Qualifier as Prompt #1, which will be used in filters.

# Add filters

Apply logic to filter prompt values.

Use values from Prompt to compare against report column values. Example, assign Prompt parameter Base Pay as Prompt #1.

Add RaaS filters Add RaaS filters

When generating a report, Base Pay parameter will be checked. If a value is provided, only records with Base Pay greater than the provided value will be included in the report.

# Limitations

Based on the Workday documentation (opens new window), there is a limit of 2GB for advanced custom report enabled for web services and exposed for integrations.

Last updated: 3/21/2023, 5:10:51 AM