Workday RaaS

Workday Report-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a feature that exposes reports as web services. These reports must be configured as Advanced type reports to be web service enabled.

Custom Reports Setup

Custom Reports (advanced type) can be exposed as a Web Service to be used programmatically. Workato uses this web service to automate report run and to integrate report data from Workday to other applications.

How to find report URL

Find URL in Actions > Web Service > View URLs

View RaaS URL View Report URLs

Right-click JSON and choose "Copy URL"


JSON endpoint example!WID=d588c41a446c11de98360015c5e6daf6&Base_Pay=0

Filter parameters

Prompts behave like request parameters. In the UI, it is presented as input fields before generating the actual report.

RaaS prompts Raas prompts on Workday UI

As a REST endpoint, these prompts are passed as request parameters. To do so, you have to set the report type and configure prompts. You can also define filters for your prompts.

Report type

Switch to advanced type if not already. Only Advanced custom reports can be used in RaaS.

RaaS change to advance Use advanced report

Add prompts

Add all default prompts that are required of web-service-enabled reports. Add additional prompts as desired.

Add RaaS prompts Add RaaS prompts

In this example, Base Pay is assigned to Prompt Qualifier as Prompt #1, which will be used in filters.

Add filters

Apply logic to filter prompt values.

Use values from Prompt to compare against report column values. Example, assign Prompt parameter Base Pay as Prompt #1.

Add RaaS filters Add RaaS filters

When generating a report, Base Pay parameter will be checked. If a value is provided, only records with Base Pay greater than the provided value will be included in the report.

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