Account properties

Account properties allow you to store account wide recipe configuration parameters. They show up in all recipes as usable values under the Properties datatree.

Account-level properties are also known as environment variables or configuration variables. They are useful for complex deployment models across connections and recipes.

For example, you can have a property that indicates where to send a notification email. All recipes can look this value up from the data tree (properties section) and send email to the same recipient.

Account properties feature is enabled only for certain plans. Check the Pricing and Plans page or call us at +1 (844) 469-6752.

You can create property values (name value pairs) by going to the 'Tools' tab at the top of your screen and clicking on 'View all Tools'. Then, click on 'Properties'.

Account properties option Account properties in Tools

Create property

In order to use account properties in recipes, create them in the properties table. A property is a name and its corresponding value.

Create property Create property

Update property

Update delete property Updating or deleting an account property

Using properties in recipes

Account properties show up in all recipes within the Workato account, under the Properties table, with the values as defined in the properties table.

When a recipe is active, the value for the property is lookedup in account properties.

Account properties datatree Using properties in a recipe

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