# Callable Recipes - Migrating To Recipe Functions And API Recipes

Until now, the callable recipe type, and the Callable Recipes by Workato app have been used to create both API endpoints and reusable recipe components. With the release of a dedicated recipe type for each use case, we're encouraging users to shift toward using

In this guide, we'll cover:

# Impact On Existing Callable Recipes

Effective as of December 3, 2021, new callable recipes can't be created. Existing callable recipes, however:

  • Will continue to function indefinitely
  • Can be called from new recipes

There's no need to worry: Your existing callable recipes will continue to work. You can migrate to the new recipe types if you choose or continue to use your existing callable recipes as they are.

# Converting Callable Recipes

While there isn't a way to automatically convert existing callable recipes to the new recipe types, there isn't a need. Your callable recipes will continue to work as they always have.

However, consider migrating to the new recipe types if you want to take advantage of some new features. For example: For recipes that function as API endpoints, you can now define non-standard response codes using the API recipe type.

# Understanding The New Recipe Types

All callable recipe functionality has been split into two new recipe types. Everything you could do with callable recipes you can still do with Recipe Functions and API Platform components.

# Recipe Functions

The Recipe Functions connector focuses on recipe reusability, readability, and maintenance. Recipe functions provide a simple and streamlined way to build reusable recipe components with minimum overhead.

Using this connector's triggers and actions, you can build a workflow once and re-use it across recipes in your workspace with ease. Learn more in the Recipe Functions docs.

# API Recipes

The API Platform connector is dedicated to creating and deploying automations as API endpoints. API recipes include new features to enable you to build to the full functionality of the OpenAPI Specification, including:

  • Custom request and response headers
  • Multiple responses and support for all HTTP response codes
  • Sending a response automatically stops the current job

This release confirms API as a first-class citizen in the Workato ecosystem and lays the groundwork for more improvements in the future, like improved auto-documentation and the ability to automatically generate API Collections from any valid OpenAPI specification. Learn more in the API Platform docs.

# Comparing Triggers And Actions

Callable recipe triggers and actions are fully compatible with the new API Platform and Recipe Functions triggers and actions.

Not sure where to start? Use the table below to find the trigger or action that replaces the callable recipe version:

Callable Recipe trigger or action New trigger or action
New call trigger (recipe component) Recipe Functions - New function call trigger
New call trigger (API endpoint) API Platform - New API request trigger
Call recipe action (synchronous) Recipe Functions - Call recipe function action (synchronous)
Call recipe action (asynchronous) Recipe Functions - Call recipe action (asynchronous)
Return data from a recipe action Recipe Functions - Return data from a recipe function action
Wait for async calls action Recipe Functions - Wait for async calls action

Last updated: 1/18/2022, 10:25:48 PM