# Callable Recipes - Return Data From A Recipe Function


This action has been replaced by the Recipe functions - Return data from recipe function action.

Recipes using this action will continue to function indefinitely. Use the new Recipe functions action to take advantage of new features - check out the Recipe functions FAQ for more info.

This action responds to the recipe call with a status confirmation together with any data. This action will respond with a data format defined in the New call for recipe trigger.

Return response from recipe action Return response from recipe action

# Input fields

Input field Description
Response type Select a response (Success or Error) according to the recipe logic.
Reply/Response Depending on the response type, a relevant input field will be displayed for mapping.
Content type If you select Raw response in the trigger, define the response data type here.
Error message If you chose an Error response type, provide an appropriate error message here.

If you are using a REST-enabled recipe, these input fields will also be relevant.

Input field Description
Error code If you chose an Error response type, choose a HTTP error code to respond with.
Custom error response? Select Yes to send content of Error message input as the response body.

Last updated: 12/3/2021, 4:03:28 PM