# Callable Recipes - New Call For Recipe Trigger


This trigger has been replaced by the following triggers:

Recipes using this trigger will continue to function. Use the new Recipe functions and API platform triggers instead to take advantage of new features - check out the Recipe functions FAQ and API platform FAQ for more info.

This trigger creates a job whenever it is called, in real-time. It can be called from another recipe or from another system as a API Platform REST endpoint.

API Platform must be enabled for your account before a callable recipe can be exposed as a REST endpoint.

New call for recipe trigger New call for recipe trigger

# Input fields

Input field Description
Name Give this callable recipe trigger a name that describes its function.
Input schema If this recipe expects JSON, use this to describe the expected JSON structure.
Response schema If this recipe responds with JSON data, use this to describe the JSON structure.
Request type Select the request data format. Defaults to JSON request body if left blank.
Response type Select the response data format. Defaults to JSON response if left blank.

# Output fields

Certain output fields are only available if the recipe is called as an API platform REST endpoint. More information can be found on the API platform documentation.

Output field Description
Calling job ID ID of the job in the parent recipe that made the call.
Calling recipe ID ID of the parent recipe that made the call.
Only available if called as an API Platform REST endpoint Calling IP address IP address of the client calling this recipe as a REST endpoint.
Access profile Contains ID, name and authentication method of the access profile used to perform the request.
API client Contains API client ID and API client name values to perform the request.
JWT claims Only available a JWT token is used.
Contains Audience, JWT ID, Issuer, and Expiration Time, Not before and Issued At values of the JWT used to authenticate the request.
Only if request type is Raw request body Content type Content-Type header value from the incoming request.
Request body (raw) Full raw request body.
Recipe input This output object will contain all the fields defined in Input schema.

Last updated: 12/3/2021, 4:03:28 PM