# Using Runtime User Connections In Workbot Recipes

This guide will walk you through using Runtime user connections in Workbot recipes.

Any of Workato's Workbots can be used, including Workbot for Slack, Workbot for Microsoft Teams, and Workbot for Workplace.

In this guide, we'll cover:

# Prerequisites

To complete the steps in this guide, you need:

  • The following privileges in Workato:

    • Create/edit Recipes
    • View/edit Runtime user connections
    • Create/edit Connections
  • Access to the Workbot feature

# Step 1: Create A Workbot Command Recipe


In your account, create a new Workbot recipe.


Select the New Command trigger.


Add steps and actions.


Save and test the recipe as you normally would.

# Step 2: Enabling Runtime User Connections

When finished creating the recipe, you'll need to enable the Runtime user connections setting:


Navigate to the Settings tab of the recipe you created in Step 1.


In the Runtime user connections section, click the toggle next to the connection you want to enable.

Now when this recipe is triggered, users will be prompted to provide their credentials for this connection. For example:

personal-connection-flow Personal connection setup for Salesforce Approval flow

# What's Next?

Last updated: 2/22/2024, 11:17:11 PM