# Data retention

This API allows you to manage data retention periods in customer workspaces that have the Configurable Data Retention add-on enabled.

# Quick reference

Type Resource Description
PUT /api/managed_users/:managed_user_id/update_data_retention Update a customer workspace's data retention period.

# Update customer workspace's data retention period

Updates the data retention period for customer workspaces where the Configurable Data Retention add-on is enabled. Refer to the Data retention policies documentation for more information.

PUT /api/managed_users/:managed_user_id/update_data_retention

# URL parameters

Name Type Description
managed_user_id string
Embedded customer ID/external ID.
The external ID must be URL encoded and prefixed with an E (for example, EA2300).

# Payload

Name Type Description
data_retention_ttl_hours integer
The length of time to retain data for the specified customer workspace, in hours. The minimum data retention period is 1 hour and the maximum is determined by the Embedded customer's plan.

# Sample request

curl  -X PUT 'https://www.workato.com/api/managed_users/12345/update_data_retention' \
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer <api_token>' \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -d  '{
            "data_retention_ttl_hours": 720

# Response


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