# Team collaborators

This API allow you to manage collaborators in your managed customer workspaces. If you want to work with collaborators in your current team, please use the platform API for team.

# Quick reference

Type Resource Description
POST /api/managed_users/:id/member_invitation Invites a collaborator to your team.

# Invite collaborator to managed customer workspace

Invites a collaborator to a managed customer's team. If the email does not belong to an existing user, an email invite will be sent. The collaborators will be able to join the team after they have created a Workato account.

POST /api/managed_users/:id/member_invitations

# Payload

Name Type Description
name string
The name of the collaborator.
email string
The email of the collaborator.
role_name string
The role to assign the collaborator.

# Sample request

curl  -X POST https://www.workato.com/api/managed_users/123/member_invitations \
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer <api_token>' \
      -d '{"name":"John", "email":"[email protected]", "role_name":"Admin"}'

# Response

    "result": "ok"

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