# Embedded RecipeOps

The RecipeOps connector supports building recipes that monitor and manage active recipes and account-related activities. RecipeOps enables you to implement automating and monitoring operations on a large scale.

Embedded-specific actions and triggers monitor events across all customer accounts, so connections do not need to be established one at a time.

# Customer threshold reached

The Customer threshold reached trigger enables partners to obtain near real-time events across all customer accounts when the customers reach their task threshold. To use this trigger, your customers must be on a task-based pricing plan. Contact your Workato representative for plan set up.

To begin using the trigger, set up a RecipeOps connection and select My account in the Whose account are you managing? field.

The trigger receives events when customers reach usage thresholds determined by plan limits. The trigger tracks usage thresholds in 10% increments. For example, you could configure the trigger to take an action when customers reach 50%, 60%, or 70% of their 20,000 task limit. After that, partners can use recipe logic to automatically:

  • Stop all recipes within the customer account.
  • Send notifications to themselves or customers.
  • Log this information into the partner's external logging system.

Task counting simple Customer threshold reached trigger recipe example

# Actions

Stop all recipes
Stop all recipes when the customer reaches their limit by using recipe logic filters to filter out the 100% and use the API to list and stop all recipes. See List recipes API and Stop recipes API for more information.
Notify customers
Map the datapills from the output into the message field to send a notification directly to the customer. You can use a message template/Sendgrid or craft a message in the email body directly.
Notify the partner's team
Map the datapills from the output into the message field to send a notification to the partner's team. For example, you could send the message to a specified Slack channel. You can also use this method to send a message directly to the partner's analytic/logging platform.

Last updated: 1/12/2024, 4:26:53 PM