# On-prem Agent version deprecation

It is important to keep your Workato on-premise agent up to date. Below you can find information about reasons for deprecation, information on how to upgrade an agent, and a deprecation schedule. If you have any additional questions about deprecation or agent upgrade, contact your Workato Customer Success Manager.

# Why deprecation

We are constantly upgrading and releasing new versions of Workato on-prem agent (OPA). See here for more information about recent OPA changes.

The following are some reasons to deprecate on-prem agents:

  • Security: older versions may have known security vulnerabilities that have been fixed in newer versions.
  • Performance: older versions may be less performant and less optimized than the newer versions.
  • New features: older versions may not support the latest Workato platform features. We are constantly adding support for new connectors, updated triggers and actions, or improved ways to set up the on-prem connections.

# How to upgrade OPA

Refer to our documentation to upgrade your OPA to the latest version.

# Deprecation schedule

The following schedule lists the deprecation and sunset dates of the Workato on-prem agents.

  • Deprecated versions will continue to work until the sunset date but we will no longer provide customer support.
  • After the sunset date, OPA will no longer connect to Workato, which will affect your running recipes.

Plan an upgrade of your OPA accordingly.


The deprecation will be a recurring process. Make sure to keep your on-prem agent no older than 1 year.

Agent version Release date Deprecation date Sunset date Notes
Older than 2.14.0 7th September 2022 - May 2020 30th September 2023 31st December 2023
31st January 2024
These agents will be sunset due to the end of support for the internal web server that was replaced in version 2.14.0. Also, agents older than 2.11.0 are using sg1.workato.com & sg2.workato.com Workato gateways, which will be shut down on 31st of December 2023 31st of January 2024.
Older than 2.6.2 < May 2020 1st May 2023 12th June 2023 These agents were using sg.workato.com Workato gateway, which was shut down on 12th of June 2023.

Last updated: 12/13/2023, 11:36:50 PM