# On-prem Agent Version Notes

The latest version of the Workato On-Premise Agent (OPA) is v2.12.2.

Learn more about how to upgrade your OPA version.

# v2.12

# v2.12.2

  • On-prem files: added actions to delete files and folders
  • MS SQL: fixed the delimiter issue for bulk load action
  • Active Directory: fixed error when using a custom attribute as a search filter

# v2.12.1

  • MS SQL on Windows service: fixed DLL library loading issue
  • SAP: fixed client number issue with leading zeros
  • PostgreSQL: fixed issue related to timestamp with timezones
  • Extended logging for http 520 error
  • Added support for new configuration file encoding: UTF-8 BOM

# v2.12.0

  • Added support for Table/Object type parameters for Oracle stored procedures.
  • Added ability to replace MySQL JDBC driver with a custom version.
  • Fixed a connection error caused by on-prem file connections using a root or network base folder.
  • Fixed a Windows service shutdown issue occurring when SAP connections are used.
  • Removed python as a dependency for the upgrade Script on Linux and MacOS.

# v2.11

# v2.11.0

  • Switched to the new on-prem gateway. Please whitelist sg3 and sg4 listed here.
  • Added File Encoding Option to On-prem CSV files triggers and actions.
  • Added support for long running RFCs in SAP connector.
  • Added SQL Server Bulk Load support
  • Enhanced upgrade script to perform dependency checks
  • Fixed stale uploads cleanup bug which caused ongoing uploads to be dropped
  • Fixed non-numeric message properties in JMS messages
  • Upgraded Java Runtime Environment to 11.0.15+10

# v2.10

# 2.10.2

  • Support gzip compression for inbound requests
  • Upgraded Spring framework to the latest version
  • Support for parallel multipart uploads and retries
  • Upload folder is not configurable any more: incomplete uploads will use staging directory (or temporary folder if not configured)
  • Support for SG datacenter
  • Faster connection checks for on-prem file profiles.

# 2.10.1

  • Fixed issue causing the upgrade script to fail due to incorrect version comparison
  • Improved file cleanup for staging folder
  • Configuring a staging folder is no longer required
  • Added support for moving staging files into network folders
  • Fixed issue with inability to detect running OPA process in the shutdown script of some Linux distros

# 2.10.0

  • OPA Secrets manager - Azure Key Vault and Google Secret Manager support
  • Data compression to improve data throughput performance
  • Improved Kafka subscription handling
  • TLS support available for PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • SQLServer: Built-in support for integrated Windows authentication and Azure AD password
  • Added support for Active Directory multi-value attributes
  • Now all the agents from group reads metadata from SAP during launch
  • Server-side SAP configuration is not required when no IDocs are transferred
  • There is no need to connect/disconnect SAP manually when OPA is restarted
  • Added graceful shutdown script for Linux
  • Fixed an issue with parsing of date types for JDBC Export query result action
  • Fixed an issue caused by underscores in file profile names
  • Fixed some typos in the Windows installer
  • Fixed issue with OPA connectivity error on startup

# v2.9

# 2.9.3

  • Support for output parameters in batched SQL statements
  • Fixes reporting of uncategorized SQL errors
  • Fixes crushing on misspelled HTTP endpoint URL
  • Fixes automatic garbage collection for staging folder.

# 2.9.2

  • Improved datetime handling support for Oracle
  • Fixes usage of directory handles on file scan operations

# 2.9.1

  • Fixed issue with metadata returned by on-prem download
  • Improved PostgreSQL timestamp parsing
  • Fixed issue with moving on-prem file to a network folder
  • Fixed problem with running agent on Linux/MacOS with folder path containing spaces

# 2.9.0

  • Added support for AWS secret manager as a password encryption option
  • Support for JMS headers and properties
  • Oracle JDBC driver upgraded to version 21c
  • Fix for on-prem files overwrite flag
  • Configurable BLOB size limit
  • Added support for "Collect IDocs" option of SAP Partner Profile
  • SAP TIMS data type support
  • Fixed metadata caching for input/output of SAP IDocs

# v2.8

# 2.8.1

  • Fixes issues when using Websocket proxy
  • Fixes return of multiple datasets from SQL Server stored procedure.

# 2.8.0

  • Agent now uses OpenJDK 11
  • Fixed issue with RFM/BAPI invocation without IDoc routing
  • Parameterized query for Run custom SQL action
  • JDBC connector triggers/actions
    • New/updated trigger
    • New/updated batch trigger
    • Insert batch action
    • Insert action
    • Update action
    • Delete action
  • Fixed schema issue for on-prem MySQL
  • Oracle JDBC driver updated to version 21c.

# v2.7

# 2.7.2

  • Fixed timeout issue with long on-prem files upload
  • Added Quote Character support for On-Prem File trigger
  • Redshift Connector On-premise support for all actions and triggers
    • New row
    • New/updated row
    • New rows (Batch)
    • New/updated rows (Batch)
    • New/updated rows via custom SQL (Batch)
    • New rows via custom SQL (Batch)
    • Select rows
    • Select rows using custom SQL
    • Insert row
    • Update rows
    • Upsert rows
    • Delete rows
    • Run custom SQL
    • Insert rows (Batch)
    • Update rows (Batch)
    • Upsert rows (Batch)
  • Fixed issue with Linux/MacOS upgrade script used in non-default home folder.

# 2.7.1

  • Fixes "input line is too long" error in password encryptor tool on Windows
  • Allows returning CLOBs as stored procedure output
  • Support for long action SQL queries
  • Fixes issue with NTLM-authenticated responses not providing payload on error
  • Fixes issue with agent shutdown taking too long.

# 2.7.0

  • SAP 2.0 Connector
    • SNC encryption
    • JCo 3.1 support
    • Improved RFC and BAPI performance
    • Added connectivity to multiple SAP RFC destinations simultaneously
    • Improved Config profile format
    • Improved logging
    • Added handling for RAW datatypes
    • Support for custom IDOCs and custom extensions
  • IBM MQ JMS-based connectivity
  • Allow duplicate HTTP headers when using on-prem HTTP.

# v2.6

This is a major upgrade from v2.5. In order to improve reliability and throughput, Workato introduced on-prem groups.

On-prem groups help achieve zero downtime for recipes that involves on-prem connections and prevent data and revenue loss through missing SLAs. All critical workflows running on on-prem connections are kept running 100% of the time because recipe can process jobs successfully even when one of the user’s on-prem servers goes down.

To do so, the OPA will be connecting to an expanded set of Workato on-prem gateways. If you are using a firewall whitelist to explicitly allow OPA traffic to the Workato cloud, you may need to expand the firewall whitelist accordingly.

Learn more about on-prem groups here.

# 2.6.4

  • Fixes batch update issue with invoking callback functions more than once.

# 2.6.3

  • Fix for SAP connector where IDOCs with Custom extensions did not show.
  • Fix for SAP connector for RAW data type handling.
  • Fix for SAP connector for nested structures.

# 2.6.2

  • Allow large HTTP headers.
  • Fixes LDAPS connection issue when using trustAll flag.
  • Support for SQL update-only queries.
  • Improved logging for Active Directory.
  • Fix for SQL Server stored procedure issue.

# 2.6.1

  • Fixes a connectivity issue in v2.6.0.

# 2.6.0

  • Major release.
  • Introduce on-prem groups.
  • Introduce High Availability (HA) and load balancing.

# v2.5

Workato On-prem agent now supports database connection pooling to reduce lag between reconnection attempts. Oracle Binary Large Object (BLOB) size limit has been increased.

# 2.5.7

  • Fixes the issue with conenction pool not recycling connections properly.

# 2.5.6

  • Support for database XML types.
  • Ensure that command-line script is fully read for background scripts.
  • Update MySQL JDBC driver.

# 2.5.5

  • Allows cancelling database queries on recipe job timeout.
  • Fixes Active Directory issue with retrieving a schema.

# 2.5.4

  • Support for SAP connector array types.
  • Log rotation feature.

# 2.5.3

  • Fixes reconnection delay.
  • Fixes for SAP connector classpath issue.
  • Fixes the issue with uninstalling a Windows service.

# 2.5.2

  • Fixes Windows service configuration shortcut.

# 2.5.1

  • Fixes proxy authentication issues on initial connect.

# 2.5.0

  • Support for database connection pooling.
  • Oracle SELECT performance enhancements.
  • Allow Oracle BLOBs larger than 4000 bytes.
  • Added digital signature to Windows Installer.
  • Windows installer is now able to deploy several agent instances on the same box.
  • Fixes the issue of multiple connection attempts using the same key. When the agent recognizes that two or more agents are using same key, it will stop reconnecting.