# Create Group

To create a group, navigate to the on-prem option in the tools menu. If you have existing agents, you will see a list of on-prem groups on this page.

On-prem menu option On-prem menu option

If you do not have any existing on-prem groups, you will see a blank page like the image below.

Empty on-prem group page Empty on-prem group page

Select Create on-prem group to begin. Next, provide a meaning name for the on-prem group and select how you want to set up connections:

  • Directly in Workato
  • Manually in each agent


You are not able to change this setting later on.

# Directly in Workato - Cloud profiles

This option allows you to set up a connection directly in Workato as a cloud profile instead of managing local configuration file. On-prem group for connection profiles On-prem group for cloud profiles

# Manually in each agent - Connection profiles

The connection details have to be set up in on-prem agent config file as a connection profile. This is the legacy way of setting up the connections.

On-prem group for connection profiles On-prem group for connection profiles

Now you are ready to add an agent to your group.

Last updated: 3/29/2023, 2:00:59 PM