Add Agent to Group

New on-prem group New on-prem group

Once you have selected an on-prem group or created a new one, you will then be prompted to create an agent.

Clicking on Add on-prem agent will bring you through an agent creation wizard to setup, run and verify that your agent is active. The wizard will take you through the following steps.

Step Description
Choose OS Provide a meaningful agent name and select the OS in which the agent will be installed.

Choose OS
Accept ToS Read and accept the End User License Agreement.

Accept ToS
Install Download the installer file on the on-prem system. Instructions specific to your OS will be displayed.

Add key Download agent key and move it into the appropriate folder in the agent directory according to the instructions provided.

Add key
Run agent Following the instructions to setup and run the agent.

Run agent
Test Once the agent is active, click Test to verify that the connection is successful.


Learn more about how to setup an on-prem agent here.

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