# Add Agent to Group

New on-prem group New on-prem group

After you select an on-prem group or create a new group, Workato prompts you to create an agent.

Operating systems

We support the following operating systems:

Click Add on-prem agent to start an agent-creation wizard that sets up, runs, and verifies that your agent is active.

# On-premise agent setup wizard

For this example, we set up an on-prem agent on a Windows OS.

Step 1: Choose OS
Provide a meaningful agent name, and select the OS for the agent installation.
choose OSChoose OS
Step 2: Accept ToS
Read and accept the End User License Agreement.
accept ToSAccept ToS
Step 3: Install
Download the installer file to the on-prem system. The wizard provides OS-specific installation insttructions.
Step 4: Add key
Download the agent key, and move it to the appropriate folder in the agent directory, according to the instructions.
add keyAdd key
Step 5: Run agent
Follow the instructions to set up and run the agent.
run agentRun agent
Step 6: Test
After the agent becomes active, click Test to verify that the connection is successful.
testing agent setupTest setup

# Optional settings on Linux

In the following setting examples, the contents of Workato OPA are in the /opt/workato directory.

# Set up Workato user

Create a non-privileged user to run Workato OPA.

$ groupadd -r workato
$ useradd -c "Workato On-Premise Agent" -g workato -s /sbin/nologin -r -d /opt/workato workato

# Set up systemd service

Create a systemd service that starts Workato OPA automatically. This prevents disruptions to your critical workflows after the system reboots.

  1. Create a systemd service.
$ sudo cat > /lib/systemd/system/workato.service <<EOF
# Systemd unit file for default Workato On-Premise Agent
# To create clones of this service:
# DO NOTHING, use workato@.service instead.

Description=Workato On-Premise Agent
After=syslog.target network.target

ExecStart=/usr/bin/java -Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/urandom -cp "/opt/workato/lib/*" com.workato.agent.Main

  1. Launch Workato OPA and set it to autostart.
$ systemctl start workato
$ systemctl enable workato

Learn more about Setting up On-prem Agent.