# Skip step

Troubleshoot with skip steps under 2min

Skip step causes the recipe to ignore an action or block of actions, such as a Repeat or Conditional step, at runtime. This is useful in the following scenarios:

  • Building a recipe incrementally: If you prefer to first build the high-level logic of the entire recipe, then configure and test the recipe in portions, set the actions that you are not currently configuring to be skipped.
  • Iterating between different logic flows: If you are trying different logical methods in a recipe, then you can take turns skipping steps related to each method and iteratively test which one works better.
  • Faulty steps during recipe building: If you encounter design-time errors due to broken connections, incorrect formulae, or missing configurations, you can skip those steps and continue testing the remaining recipe.

Since a trigger is necessary to kickstart the recipe, Workato does not support skipping triggers.


The datapills from the skipped actions are not available for use in subsequent actions.

Skipped step A skipped step will not be processed at run-time and its datapills will not be available

# How to use Skip step

Skip a step by clicking on the Skip step icon. The icon appears when you hover over the action.

Skip step icon Skip step icon

A skipped step is hashed out. Select the Unskip step icon to return the step to the recipe logic.

Unskip step icon Unskip step icon

Keyboard shortcut

When a step is selected, use the keyboard shortcut (Cmd + / or Ctrl + /) to toggle between skipping and unskipping it.

# Skip action block

Rather than skipping individual actions, skip a logical group of actions with skip action block.

You can apply Skip mode to any of the following action blocks:

  • Conditional blocks
  • Repeat blocks
  • Error monitor blocks

This works the same way control flows are intended. A conditional statement is logically tied to the conditional actions. Thus, if the conditional block is skipped, the nested steps will be skipped as well.

Skipped block A skipped repeat block. All nested actions will not be processed at runtime

# How to use skip action block

Skip an action block by selecting skip block on a parent step, such as a Repeat step. This process is identical to skipping a single step.

When the parent node of an action block is skipped, all nested steps are automatically skipped.

To undo skip on an action block, you must select unskip from the parent node. It is not possible to unskip a single action step that is nested within a skipped action block. You can either skip/unskip an entire block or keep the block active and directly skip/unskip its child steps.

Skip block Skip block

Skipped block datapills

All steps within a skipped block will not be available at run-time.

# What happens to datapills in skipped steps

When you skip a step, all dependent steps break when you try to run the recipe. Subsequent actions that rely on datapills from a skipped step will return an error.

For example, this recipe returns and error during testing. The step is referencing datapills from an earlier step which has been skipped.

Skipped datapills Datapills in a skipped step/block will not be available

Last updated: 1/26/2023, 4:51:20 AM