# Tasks FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about about recipe tasks.

What is a task in Workato?

In Workato, a task is a unit of work that occurs whenever a recipe performs an action requiring compute resources. Each action invoked by a connector, including Workato tools like Lookup tables and Variables, counts as one task.

How are tasks counted in a Workato recipe job?

The number of tasks counted in a job depends on the specific trigger event data and the logic of the recipe. Each successfully executed action in the recipe contributes to the task count. Steps in a recipe with all the following apps are counted as tasks:

  • Platform connectors
  • Custom connectors (Installed from the Community Library/customer-built)
  • Workato tools (JSON parser, Variables, Lookup tables, and more)
Are failed actions counted as tasks in Workato?

No. Failed actions are not counted as tasks. Only successfully run actions in a job contribute to the task count.

Does rerunning jobs add to my task count?

Yes. Rerunning jobs are added to your task count.

How do I find the number of tasks per job?

To view tasks per job, select a job to view the task count. A recipe that contains one or more calls to other recipes does not provide the total number of tasks across all child jobs. Each child job has its own total number of tasks.

How do I view tasks per recipe?

Navigate to your recipe page, go to the Settings tab, and use the link provided to open the filtered dashboard where you can view tasks for a specific recipe.

Last updated: 2/2/2024, 9:18:15 PM