# Task counters

The number of tasks run in a Workato account can be found in several places on the platform.

# Tasks per job

For information on how many tasks are run per job, select a job to view the total number of tasks used.

Task count job Task information available on job report page

A recipe that contains one or more calls to other recipes will not see the total number of tasks across all child jobs. Each child job has its own total number of tasks.

# Tasks per recipe

When navigating in the recipe page, use the link in the Settings tab to be taken to the dashboard view that is filtered for the specific recipe.

Task count recipe Link to the dashboard in Settings tab

Alternatively, select the folder or recipe from the dropdown on top of the dashboard. Perform date or time manipulations to see the number of tasks done by folder or recipe in a specific amount of time. Learn more in the documentation on the Workato dashboard.

Task count recipe Task count by recipe in the dashboard

Lastly, call the Workato Recipes API (opens new window) with recipe ID or use the RecipeOps connector (opens new window). Response of the API calls includes lifetime task count data. The RecipeOps connector provides a lifetime task count datapill in certain actions.

# Tasks per account

The monthly account usage is available in the Subscription tab (opens new window) in Account settings. The total number of tasks is broken down to a calendar monthly limit and is based on subscription plan types. If your Workato account is not on a task-based plan, this graph is not available to you.

Task count account Total number of tasks in subscription

# Task usage management by recipe

You can manage task usage at the recipe level by using the RecipeOps connector (opens new window) or by calling the Workato Recipes API (opens new window). You can use RecipeOps connector or the Recipes API to set a data limit. Your recipe automatically stops running when the lifetime task count data exceeds the limit you set.

Manage task usage per recipe Managing task usage per recipe.Example recipe (opens new window)

The preceding recipe is an example of managing task usage per recipe with the RecipeOps connector. The recipe checks the task usage of each active recipe in your Workato account every 120 minutes. If any active recipes consume more tasks than a certain limit, those recipes will stop automatically and send an email notification. In the recipe, the limit is set as 100,000 and can be adjusted based on your use case. The recipe trigger interval also can be modified. The recipe can be broken down into following basic steps:

  • Trigger the recipe every 120 minutes.
  • Retrieve data for all active recipes.
  • Search for existing data by recipe in a designated lookup table.
  • If the data does not exist, create a new row and insert correct data for each column.
  • If the data does exist, calculate the difference between previous task usage and new task usage per recipe.
  • If the difference is greater than the task usage limit you set, stop the recipe and send an email notification.
  • If the difference is smaller than the limit, update a relevant column.

Last updated: 2/7/2024, 8:03:48 PM