# Using Amazon Web Services Secrets Manager in Connections

In this guide, we'll show you how to use secrets from your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Secrets Manager vault to configure Workato connections.

# Prerequisites

To complete the steps in this guide, you'll need:

# Step 1: Retrieve The Secret's Details From AWS


Sign in to your AWS Management Console and open the Secrets Manager console (opens new window).


In the navigation pane, click Secrets.


Click the secret you want to use in Workato.


In the Secret details section, locate the Secret name and Secret ARN:

Highlighted secret name and ARN in AWS Secrets Manager

Keep this page open - you'll need it to complete the next step.

# Step 2: Configure A Workato Connection

In your Workato account, create a new connection or open the configuration page for an existing connection.

Secrets in Workato connection credentials follow this syntax:

{{workato:sm:<key name>:<secret ARN>}}

For example:


In the connection's configuration page, paste this entire value into the appropriate field. The image below, for example, shows a secret being used as the Custom Service client secret value in a JIRA connection:

JIRA connection in Workato configured with an AWS secret

# Step 3: Complete your Connection Setup

Select Connect and verify that this connection is working fine.