# Copy paste steps

Get the most out of copy/paste with this video guide

Copy and paste your recipe steps anywhere. Select any number of steps in a recipe to copy. Paste your copied steps anywhere within your recipe, or even into other recipes.

Copy/paste with multi-select Copy/paste with multi-select

Copy/paste within a workspace

Copy/paste is limited to the same workspace. You may not log out / log in to a different account between copy and pasting.

# Preserve order and prevent errors

Move entire sections of your recipe with multi-select copy/paste while preserving the order of each step.

Pasted steps preserve step order Pasted steps preserve the order of each step, including control statements

This is critical in maintaining the logic of your recipes.

# Replicating app connection when pasting steps

When using copy/paste to duplicate steps in another recipe, the connection configuration is also copied to the target recipe. If the target recipe doesn't have an app connection, the app connection from the source recipe automatically connects.

Pasting steps will replicate the app connection Pasting steps will replicate the app connection

If there is an existing app connection configured in the target recipe, the app connection does not change.

# Remap datapills and auto-suggestion

A side effect of copy-pasting steps is that some datapill mappings might be broken if their source actions are not copied together, resulting in invalid datapill mappings.

Each invalid datapill mapping is highlighted in the recipe editor upon pasting. You may select Remap to replace this datapill with one from the current recipe. Workato ensures that the datapill mapping uses the same app and action to provide the most relevant suggestions.

Remap datapills with auto-suggestions Remap invalid datapills with auto-suggestions

# Auto-remap datapills

If your action requires multiple remaps, Workato offers auto-remap to simplify the remapping process. Remap datapills in one go with intelligent matching suggestions.


Remap your first invalid datapill.

Remap the first invalid datapill Remap the first invalid datapill


After you remapped your first invalid datapill, Workato checks for matching datapills for all the other invalid mappings. This is useful for actions with many datapill mappings, including NetSuite, Workday, and Salesforce.

Auto-remap Auto-remap is available for steps with multiple invalid datapill mappings


Review the datapill suggestion and select Accept all.

Suggestions for auto-remap Workato provides suggestions for auto-remaps

Last updated: 3/31/2023, 9:42:23 AM