Workato API 1.0

Workato's REST API provides you with access to Workato resources. With this, you can manage recipes, connections and jobs programmatically to expand the functionality of your Workato account. This API also allows you to author new recipes and modify existing ones.


All API requests must contain:

  • X-USER-TOKEN and X-USER-EMAIL in the request headers OR
  • user_token & user_email in the query parameters

The user_token/X-USER-TOKEN can be found in your settings page. Alternatively, navigate to your account settings by clicking on Account Settings in the dropdown of the top right of your homepage in Workato. Your API key can be found in the left navigation panel in the subsequent page.

Supported Formats

Workato API supports sending request body with the application/json content-type. All replies are also encoded in application/json; charset=utf-8.

HTTP response codes

Name Description Sample reply
200 Success {"Success": true}
400 Bad request {"message": "Bad request"}
401 Unauthorized {"message": "Unauthorized"}
404 Not found {"message": "Not found"}
500 Server error {"message":"Server error","id":"3188c2d0-29a4-4080-908e-582e7ed82580"}


Type Resource Description
GET /api/integrations Query connector metadata.


Type Resource Description
GET /api/connections List connections belonging to user.


Type Resource Description
GET /api/recipes/:recipe_id/jobs List jobs belonging to recipe.

Managed Users

Type Resource Description
POST /api/managed_users Create customer account.
GET /api/managed_users/:id Get customer account.
PUT /api/managed_users/:id/upgrade Upgrade customer account.
PUT /api/managed_users/:id/downgrade Downgrade customer account.
POST /api/managed_users/:id/member Add member to customer account.
DELETE /api/managed_users/:id/member Remove member from customer account.
GET /api/managed_users/:id/connections List customer connections.


Type Resource Description
GET api/recipes/:id Get recipe details.
POST api/recipes Create recipe.
PUT api/recipes/:id Update recipe.
GET api/recipes List recipes belonging to user.
GET api/recipes/search Search for public recipes.
PUT api/recipes/:id/start Start recipe.
PUT api/recipes/:id/stop Stop recipe.
DELETE api/recipes/:id Delete recipe.


Type Resource Description
GET api/users/me Get details of authenticated user.

Recipe lifecycle management

Type Resource Description
POST api/packages/export/:manifest_id Export package based on a manifest.
POST api/packages/import/:folder_id Import package into a folder.
GET api/packages/:id Get package by ID.
GET api/packages/:id/download Download package.

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