# Set up the Apps portal

You can configure the Apps portal in Workato by navigating to Tools > Apps portal > Settings. The Settings tab has three sections:

# General

This section enables you to set up the Portal name and customize the Portal URL by choosing a unique URL prefix.

  • Portal name

  • Business name of your Apps portal. Workato displays the portal name in the App portal and email notifications.

  • Portal URL

  • Customize the URL prefix. The data center you use determines where the Apps portal is hosted. Example: https://acme.workato.app

    • US datacenter:

    • workato.app

    • EU datacenter:

    • eu.workato.app

    • SG datacenter:

    • sg.workato.app

    • JP datacenter:

    • jp.workato.app

# Branding

This section enables you to customize the Apps portal to include your brand logo and change the branding colors to match your organization.

  • Brand logo

  • Supports PNG and SVG file types.

    • Maximum size:
    • 10 mb.
  • Brand color

  • Choose a color for the headers, buttons, and navigational elements. You can enter a hex color code or use the color picker.

    • Sample value:
    • #739ad9
  • Complementary text color

  • Pair a complementary color with the brand color to optimize contrast. You can enter a hex color code or use the color picker.

    • Sample value:
    • #d3ce31

# Preview

The Preview feature enables you to preview how the Brand color, Complementary text color, and Brand logo work together before implementing them in your Apps portal.

The preview is static and contained within the Settings interface.

Preview your branding choices for the Apps portal

# Security

This section enables you to set up authentication for the portal. Workato supports the following authentication schemes:

Set up security settings for the Apps portal