# Setup and access

The top portion of the App tab contains controls that enable you to determine your application's name, upload a custom icon, and manage app access.

App viewApp view

# Name and icon

To determine your application's name and icon, perform the following actions:

  • App name

  • Click the existing name to edit the name of your app. This name is displayed in the Workflow apps portal.

  • App icon

  • Click the existing icon to upload a unique icon for your app.

  • App URL preview

  • Click the existing app name to view a read-only preview of your app's URL. You can customize the URL prefix in Platform > Workflow apps portal > Settings > General.

# Manage app access

This section of the App tab enables you to determine who can access your application by assigning user groups to your app.


Before you can assign user groups to your Workflow App, you must add app-users to the Workflow apps portal.

Workato enables you to add internal and external users to your application, meaning app-users do not need a Workato account to join the Workflow apps portal.

Learn how to invite users in our Administration guide.

To manage app access:


Underneath your app's name the number of users and groups already assigned to this Workflow app appears. (In the preceding example, this is 6 groups, 81 users ).

Click into this field to open the Manage access modal.


Click + (plus) Add group

Add user group to appAssign user groups to your app


Select a user group from the picklist.


Assign each group a role. Their role determines the user group's permissions to interact with the app.

Manage access for user groupsManage access for user groups

The following roles are available:

  • Member

  • Members can create new requests and respond to tasks assigned to them.

    In the Workflow apps portal, users with the member role can only access tasks in the Assigned to me, Created by me, and Due today tabs. The All requests tab is visible to users with the member role, but only includes tasks assigned to/created by the user.

  • Manager

  • In addition to member permissions, managers can view and update all requests created by users within the app.

    In the Workflow apps portal, users with the manager role can access tasks in the All requests, Assigned to me, Created by me, and Due today tabs.

Workflow apps portal rolesRoles determine the tasks users can access in the Workflow apps portal


Click Save changes.


You can set up user groups in Platform > Workflow apps portal > Users and groups. See Organize users and groups for more information.

Last updated: 2/13/2024, 1:10:22 AM