# Custom Domain

Route Workato API endpoints through your own domain to expose Workato API endpoints under your own subdomain. For example, modify the endpoint to reflect your company's subdomain.

Original API URL: https://apim.workato.com/boltco/sales-api/get-invoice

Custom domain URL: https://api.boltcompany.com/sales-api/get-invoice


Custom domains in Workato are not case-sensitive.

# Configure a custom domain


Prepare a registered domain and subdomain name. For more information on domain names, see the ICANN documentation (opens new window). For example, blog.boltcompany.com.


Navigate to Tools > API Platform > Settings > Custom domain and click Register custom domain.

Register custom domain Register custom domain


Enter your subdomain name and click Add domain.

Register a domain Register a domain

Next, verify your custom domain by configuring the CNAME record with your domain host. The following steps use Cloudflare as an example.


Click Add record. Select type as CNAME. Provide the subdomain name. In this example, we are creating subdomain api for domain boltcompany.com.

Create CNAME record with Cloudflare Create CNAME record with Cloudflare


Provide the target. Copy and paste apim-custom.workato.com.


Workato allows users to host their recipes and API collection in different data center for compliance. If you are not using the US Data Center, please use an alternate target URL for the CNAME record.

  • EU Data Center: apim-custom.eu.workato.com
  • JP Data Center: apim-custom.jp.workato.com
  • SG Data Center: apim-custom.sg.workato.com
  • AU Data Center: apim-custom.au.workato.com

Click Save.

Depending on the domain host, it might take up to an hour for the new CNAME record to propagate through the global domain name system. After verifying your custom domain's DNS, Workato will start generating a TLS certificate. It can take up to an hour for the certificate to be issued and ready for use. Refresh the Custom domains page to check on the status.

Completed custom domain setup

Can the original endpoint name be used?

  • The original API endpoint will continue to work in parallel with your custom domain.
  • Requests to custom domains are routed to a specific set of IP addresses.

# Certificate for TLS

When you use Workato’s API platform, the default domain is workato.com. If you add a custom domain, Workato manages certificates for your APIs to enable HTTPS for your custom domain. New certificates are created automatically when you add a custom domain. These certificates will automatically renew one month before they expire. Workato uses Let’s Encrypt (opens new window) to create and manage certificates for your APIs.

CAA record

If you restrict the CAs that are allowed to issue certificates for your site, the custom domain workflow will fail when trying to issue a certificate for your custom domain. Add a CAA record for Let's Encrypt's domain name letsencrypt.org to resolve this. Find out more (opens new window).

# Remove custom domain configuration

You may have to remove the current custom domain configuration if you would like to reconfigure your API platform to a different custom domain.


Click Remove on the top-right of the screen.
Custom domain pageCustom domain page


Read the notes on the remove custom domain wizard. Tick the checkbox and select Remove Domain.
Remove custom domainRemove custom domain

Now your APIs will default to apim.workato.com. Next, inform the existing users of this API collection, if you have not already done so.

Last updated: 10/20/2023, 2:11:25 AM