# Gong Connector - Create custom action event

Pushes engagement events into Gong which are tied to deals. This action allows you to tie any events to a deal's event timeline.

# Input

Field Description
Content ID The ID of the content on which the custom action took place in the reporting system.
Content title The name of the object upon which a custom action was performed.
Content URL The url of the content upon which a custom action was performed.
Event timestamp The date and time when the event happened in the ISO-8601 format (e.g., 2021-08-01T02:30:00+05:00 or 2021-08-01T08:00:00Z, where Z stands for UTC)
Reporting system The unique identifier of the reporting system. It is the same value in all events originating from the same system.
Action name The name of the action. For example, Document Viewed or Presentation Opened.
Actor List of objects with name and email of viewer.
Agent platform Select platform on which the interaction was made. eg. MacOS.
Event info URL The link to a page that presents additional information about this event.
User agent 'User-Agent' header value for browser based interaction.
Content properties Dynamic properties to display for the object fields and values that describe the object.
Crm context A list of references to external systems such as CRM, Telephony System, Case Management, etc.
Event ID Object ID. The original ID of the event as designated in the reporting system.
Event properties Dynamic properties to display for the event fields and values that describe the event.
Mobile app ID The application identification string in case of interaction via mobile application (bundle identifier or package name).
Workspace ID If your Gong account has multiple Workspaces, enter here the relevant Workspace to send these events to. If left blank, this will be decided by Gong.

# Output

Field Description
Request ID UUID of the request sent to Gong to create the content view engagement event.

Last updated: 8/15/2022, 9:31:44 AM

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