# Greenhouse

Greenhouse (opens new window) is an applicant tracking system and recruiting software that is designed to help make companies great at hiring and hire for what's next.

Workato's Greenhouse connector enables you to build even more automation around applicant and candidate workflow and connect with other human resource management systems.

# API version

The Greenhouse connector uses Greenhouse Harvest API v1 (opens new window).

# How to connect to Greenhouse on Workato

Create a Workato connection to your Greenhouse instance using API token credentials.

# API token credentials

Use API token credentials to allow Workato access to your Greenhouse instance.

Authentication using API token credentials Authentication using API token credentials

Connection field Description
Connection name Provide a unique name that identifies which Greenhouse instance it is connected to.
API key The API token credential. Learn how to create an API key below.
User email The user email this API token is generated from.
Environment Choose between sandbox and production Greenhouse environments for this connection.

# How to create an API token for Workato

It is recommended to use an Integration System User (ISU) for integration with Workato. This ensures that permissions are consistent and all operations can be logged on a single account.

Step Description
1. Navigate to Settings > Dev Center > API Credential Management.
View Greenhouse API crendentials
View Greenhouse API credentials
2. Create a new API key for Workato. Select type: Harvest
Create a API credential for Workato
Create a API credential for Workato
3. Provide the necessary permissions to this API key. Learn more below.
Select API credential permissions
Select API credential permissions


Ensure that you give this API credential the necessary permission. If permissions are not configure correctly, certain Greenhouse connector actions/trigger may not work as intended - even if the connection is successful. See the required permissions below.

# Permissions for Harvest API

The Greenhouse connector requires an API key that has permissions to access the specific Greenhouse objects. For example, the reject application action requires the Applications permission.

# List of Greenhouse Harvest API permissions

  • ✅ Applications
  • ✅ Candidates
  • ✅ Education
  • ✅ Jobs
  • ✅ Scheduled Interviews
  • ✅ Users

You can view and manage the permissions for each API key from the API Credential Management page.

Manage API credential permissions Manage API credential permissions

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