# Mapper by Workato

The Mapper connector is a way for users to interact with schemas defined in the common data model.

The Mapper connector's Map to object action is typically used as a temporary step to store data in a predefined structure before publishing the data somewhere for a subscriber to consume, or before moving the data to another application. It would typically be used with the JMS connector or Workato Event streams.

# How to connect to the Mapper connector on Workato

There is no connection required to use the Mapper connector, as schemas are stored in the Workato account for recipes to interact with.

# Working with the Mapper connector

In order to work with the JMS connector, users have to have a common data model to work with.

# Using the map to object action

To use the action, simply select the schema you wish to interact with. The selected schema will create the input fields for the action. Fill in these input fields to populate the schema with the data you wish to populate it with.

Map to object action The configured action utilizing a pre-defined schema

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