# Common data model

The common data model, also known as the canonical data model or the abstract data model, is a standard schema that organizations define to simplify data flow and interaction between the different applications they use across the organization. This enables integrations to be built based on the common data model instead of being based on the application - and as a result, minimizes impact on organizations when they add, edit, or remove integrations and applications.

# Applications of the common data model

The data models created in the common data model in Workato can be currently used in the following connectors:

You can create and manage your data model on the shared schema feature page.

Shared schema management Create and manage data models

When creating a data model, you will need to define what the data structure will look like. This structure can be subsequently edited.

Editing data model Editing the data model definition

Last updated: 7/2/2021, 8:18:31 AM