On-prem files - Download file

This action downloads an existing file. The output of this action is the raw contents and it supports streaming contents of large files.

Download file action Download file action

Input fields

Input field Description
File Select the file to download. This can be done either by selecting a file from the pick list, or toggling the input field to text mode and providing the file path. Only files can be downloaded.
This should be relative to the base path you define in the connection profile. Learn about relative path.
Chunk size (KB) Large files will be broken into smaller chunks to be downloaded in parts. Default is 256 KB and the minimum is 32 KB. The maximum chunk size depends on the upload chunk size of the application you are uploading it to.

Output fields

Output field Description
File contents Content of the downloaded file. This datapill supports streaming. To transfer large files, make sure you map this to an input field that supports streaming.

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