# Outlook

Outlook (opens new window) is an email and calendar app by Microsoft, available as part of the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) productivity suite.

# API version

The Outlook connector uses the Microsoft Graph API v1 (opens new window) for integration.

# Supported editions

Workato supports Microsoft 365 and Outlook.com (opens new window).

# Connection setup

The Outlook connector uses OAuth 2.0 authentication to authenticate with Outlook.

Complete the following steps to set up your Outlook connection:


Enter a Connection name that identifies the Outlook instance with which you plan to connect Workato.


Select a Location for your connection.


Optional: Expand the Advanced settings section to select the permissions you plan to request for your connection. Workato uses the default permissions specified in the Permissions required to connect section if you leave this field blank.


Click Sign in with Microsoft to initiate the authorization process.

Connect your Outlook account Connect your Outlook account


Enter your sign-in credentials in the Sign in to your account dialog.

Outlook sign-in dialog Outlook sign-in dialog

After you sign in, Outlook prompts you to confirm the specific permissions you're giving to Workato to access your Outlook account.

# Permissions required to connect

Workato requires the following permissions to automate your workflows. Microsoft confirms the permissions with you after you sign in.


If you don't have the preceding set of permissions, you may be unable to connect to Outlook successfully or fully use the Outlook connector's triggers and actions.

Last updated: 5/29/2024, 3:10:15 PM