# Recipe Functions - Call Recipe Synchronously

This action calls a Recipe function and waits for the response before proceeding to the next step in the recipe.

# Requirements

To use this action, you need a Recipe function. This is a recipe that uses the Recipe functions - New function call trigger and can be called from other recipes.

# Limitations

When using this action, note that:

# Input

Field Description
Recipe function Select from a list of Recipe functions in your workspace.
Recipe input The fields defined in the selected Recipe function's Input schema.
Connection overrides Applicable only if the Runtime user connections setting is enabled in the selected Recipe function.

Specify the name or ID of the connection to use when the recipe is run. Learn more.

# Output

Field Description
Job ID The ID of the created job.
Job URL The URL of the created job.
Result The Recipe function's Response schema configuration.

# Resources

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