# RecipeOps - API policy quota violation trigger

This trigger monitors API usage for the workspace and activates when an access profile exceeds policy usage quotas. To minimize noise, the system fires a trigger event once for each unique access profile that exceeds a distinct policy threshold every 30 days.

Learn more about our API access policies.

# Trigger behavior

For each workspace, this trigger captures instances when a unique access profile exceeds the following policy request thresholds:

  • 80%
  • 90%
  • 100%

# Input

This trigger doesn't require any input.

# Output

Field name Description
Event message Your API policy has reached X% of its usage quota.
API policy ID The unique identifier of the API policy.
API policy name The name of the API policy.
Usage quota The total number of API calls that can be made within a specific longer time period, typically 30 days.
Quota time interval The duration of the time period for the usage quota, such as 30 days.
Client ID The unique identifier of the client.
Client name The name of the client associated with the event.
Access profile ID The unique identifier of the access profile.
Access profile name The name of the access profile.

Last updated: 5/25/2024, 12:46:29 AM