# Connect to SAP RFC

The SAP RFC connector runs in all SAP systems even when a firewall is in use. You can deploy an on-prem agent within the same subnet domain to ensure seamless connectivity regardless of firewall configurations.

# Configuration setup for RFC communication with SAP

Connecting the SAP RFC connector to Workato for IDocs is a multi-step process. To configure the connection, complete these phases in the following order:

  1. Create RFC destination for Workato in SAP
  2. Create a Workato integration user in SAP
  3. Configure the Workato OPA
  4. Configure the Workato SAP connector
  5. Optional: Configure IDocs to/from Workato in SAP

# Troubleshooting

If you encounter error at any step, review our troubleshooting guide.

Last updated: 3/20/2024, 6:34:22 AM