# SAP Troubleshooting guide

You may encounter the following issues while setting up the SAP connector. If you don't find your issue listed here, check the agent.log file, or contact Workato Support (opens new window).

# Enable debug logging

If you are experiencing issues when trying to connect to SAP RFC, we recommend you enable debug logging in your config.yml file as the first step. This enables you to see the errors your system encounters.

# Example:

  workato.sap.adapter: DEBUG

This guide is organized into common issues and error messages.

# Common issues

# Agent does not start

The file displays: JCo initialization failed with java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Program Files\Workato Agent PROD\lib_ext\sapjco3.dll: Can't find dependent libraries"

On Windows platforms, JCo 3.1 requires you to install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015-2022 C/C++ runtime libraries on your agent server. If these libraries are not present, you must download and install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable Package from the Microsoft knowledge base article (opens new window). Select the package that corresponds to your locale and JVM bit-width (x64 for 64-bit operating systems or x86 for 32-bit operating systems).

# My OPA raises an error when attempting to connect to SAP.

Check the logs of your OPA to know more. Learn how to enable debug logging.

# I don't see the required IDocs in the dropdown list in Workato.

You must configure the required IDoc in your SAP system before Workato can display them in a dropdown list.

By default, the list of IDocs in Workato updates once every 24 hours. You can modify this interval during OPA connection profile setup by changing the metadata_refresh_interval.

Contact Customer Success for assistance (opens new window).

# I am unable to call Workato's API platform through RFC.

You may require additional configuration on your SAP system to enable TLS 1.2 if this hasn't been done already. Incoming web traffic to Workato is required TLS 1.2 encryption to better secure any information. Determine how to enable TLS 1.2 and establish a connection to Workato here.

# Error messages

# java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no sapjco3 in java.library.path

You may have downloaded the Java Connector for the wrong operating system. Ensure that you have downloaded and imported the correct SDK.

This error also displays on Mac OS systems if you have not imported the libsapjco3.dylib into the lib_ext folder.

# Classpath entry lib/sap-connector-X.X.X.jar not found, skipped.

Mac users must not move the sap-connector-X.X.X.jar to the lib_ext folder. Doing so causes errors.

# Registration of tp <Program's name> from host ??? not allowed

There may be a problem with your reg_info and sec_info files. To resolve this error follow this SAP note (opens new window).

Additionally, following these steps may resolve the error:

  1. Move or rename the reginfo and secinfo files.
  2. Confirm the path in OS level with the values of the parameters in RZ11 tcode on the application level: gw/reg_info and gw/sec_info.
  3. Set the parameter gw/reg_no_conn_info value to 0.
  4. Set the parameter gw/acl_mode value to 0.

Your SAP server (gwhost) may not be accessible from the machine where the OPA is installed. To verify, use Terminal / Command Prompt to ping your SAP server's IP and verify that it's accessible.

# java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sap/conn/jco/JCoException

The SAP JCo library is missing or the classpath is not set up properly.

# Cannot invoke "com.workato.agent.sap.impl.json.IDocTypeBean.getSegMap()" because "selected" is null

This error occurs because you are trying to create a trigger faster than your OPA can fetch metadata from SAP. You must wait up to 90 seconds for your OPA to fetch the metadata from SAP.

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