# Dashboard FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked Dashboard questions.

What is the Workato Dashboard?

The Dashboard provides real-time insights into recipes and connections in your Workato account. The Dashboard offers key analytics and actions to quickly discover and resolve issues.

How can recipe jobs on the Dashboard relate to business metrics?

Recipe jobs in the Dashboard can correlate with business metrics, such as the number of new customers added to your CRM daily or the number of processed invoices. This correlation helps users understand the impact automation has on their business.

What benefits does the Workato Dashboard provide for managing recipe issues?

The Dashboard offers a snapshot of account recipe issues, allowing you to efficiently address errors. It goes beyond error notification emails, providing a comprehensive view of recipe health and enabling you to focus on critical issues.

How can I customize the Jobs graph on the Dashboard?

The Jobs graph can be customized using filter tools. You can modify the graph view based on parameters like key folders or specific recipes, providing flexibility in analyzing data.

How does the Recipe details table complement the Jobs graph?

The Recipe details table provides a detailed breakdown of the Jobs graph, offering information on successful jobs, failed jobs, tasks used, and the latest job descriptions for individual recipes.

Who can use the Activity Audit Log feature, and how can it be accessed?

The Activity Audit Log is available as an add-on feature for direct customers. The Activity Audit Log is a default feature for embedded partners and their end customers. Users with Admin roles or Activity audit privileges can view the logs.

What is the concept of zero retention in Workato recipes, and how does it affect Audit Log Streaming?

For recipes with zero retention, Workato sends audit logs without job input and output data. Retry mechanisms apply, similar to other logs, with logs stored in a cache for retry and removed after seven days.

Last updated: 2/26/2024, 6:03:13 PM