# Compress files

Compress files is one of the actions under the File tools by Workato application. It allows you to compress multiple files into one zip or gzip file. The source files can come from any app (for example, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Salesforce, etc.)

Compress files

# Input fields

The input configuration contains the compression preferences and the files to compress.

Field Description
Compression format Choose to either compress with zip or gzip.
Archive format Choose whether to archive the files with tar format.
Only available if gzip is chosen as compression format.
Password Secure the compressed file with a password.
Only available if zip is chosen as compression format.
File list Add files to be compressed into this list.

# Output fields

Field Description
Compressed file contents Compressed file contents in the specified compression format.

# Example: Compress all files in a folder

Here is a sample recipe (opens new window) that downloads files from S3 and Dropbox, compresses them into a single zip format before sending it out as an email attachment. Compress files in SFTP directory

Last updated: 11/23/2023, 12:57:02 AM