# Amazon S3

Amazon S3 (opens new window) is a web service offered by Amazon Web Services, that provides scalable and highly flexible cloud storage through web services interfaces.

# API version

The Amazon S3 connector uses Amazon S3 REST API, version 2006-03-01 (opens new window).

# Working with Amazon S3 connector

# Terminology

The terminology (opens new window) for common Amazon S3 data can be found below.

  • Buckets

Buckets are containers that hold objects. The geographical region where this bucket and its contents will be stored can be defined by the user.

  • Objects

An object consists of a file, and optionally any metadata describing that file.

# Using the new file trigger

The new file trigger listens to new files uploaded into a specific Amazon S3 bucket. The trigger event contains only metadata about the file, however, such as filename and size. To retrieve content of the file, use the Download file action.

# Troubleshooting

# Exact, case sensitive names

When defining bucket and object by names in Amazon S3, take note that names should be exact and are case sensitive.

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