# Handling SOAP

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a messaging protocol for communication over the internet. SOAP messages follow a standardized protocol on how it structures the body message. This allows SOAP to develop security, authorization, and error-handling standards that work across web systems.

SOAP acts as a specification on how XML messages are structured and is therefore encoded in XML. Similar to handling raw XML content, convert SOAP content into usable datapills with the built-in parser.

# SOAP tools by Workato

SOAP tools by Workato is a native application that does not require any connection setup.

Select App > SOAP tools by Workato to get started.

Parse SOAP message Parse SOAP message

Input field Description
Sample document A sample SOAP/XML that has the same format as the SOAP document to be parsed.
Document The input SOAP content to be parsed.

Datapills are generated according to the sample document provided in the input. It includes all SOAP tags and all attributes associated with each tag.

Datatree output for parse SOAP message Datatree output for parse SOAP message

# Create SOAP message

SOAP tools by Workato also allows you to create SOAP messages. Use the Create SOAP message action to return a SOAP message. It will take in datapills as tags and generate a SOAP document.

For example, we can create a SOAP/XML document that contains a list of employee names, roles, and department details.

Create SOAP message Create SOAP message

Input field Description
Message template Select a message template. To learn how to setup a new SOAP message template, see below.
Template input The inputs required as defined in the message.

# Output

The output of this action is a file data object, encoded in SOAP/XML. You can upload this directly to your target web system.

# Setup message template

To effectively draft a SOAP/XML message, you first have to setup the SOAP/XML schema in Message templates. You can find out more about Message templates here.

Setup a message template for your use case. Define the schema of the output SOAP document and use {tags} to indicate where datapills are being used.

SOAP message template for employee list SOAP message template for employee list

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