# Customer managers

The customer managers feature helps Workato Embedded partners and their team members manage their customer accounts. This feature is available on the Workato Embedded Admin console under the Customer managers tab.

# Who are customer managers?

Customer managers are members of the Embedded partner's team. They may be members of your customer success teams, support personnel, or recipe and connector developers who help your customers with their integrations. Customer managers can access all or some customer accounts as determined by the Embedded partner.

Ensure that customer managers are trusted team members who have permission to view data in customer accounts. In Workato, we manage the type and amount of data or tools users can view in customer teams through role-based access control.

# Create a customer manager


Before you create a customer manager, consider the following issues:

  • Ensure this person is a collaborator in the partner's admin team. Invite collaborators on the Teams page (opens new window).
  • Determine their role within all customer teams. Their role defines their access to customer recipes, jobs, and features.

Navigate to the Customer managers tab on the Workato Embedded admin console.


Add a customer manager by clicking the + Assign customer manager button on the top right of the interface.

Customer managers Customer manager interface


Add the collaborator you plan to make a customer manager and assign them to a Role from the available list of system and inheritable roles.

Customer managers Assign a role to a customer manager


The role you assign applies to this customer manager in all customer accounts.


After you create a customer manager, you must add them to the customer team. Assign them to the same role that you specified in Step 3.

Assign customer managers to customersAssign a customer manager to customer teams

Assign customer managers to specific customers by selecting customers from the Choose customers drop-down or by searching for a particular customer team.

Alternatively, assign a customer manager to all customer teams by toggling Manage all customers.


Click Assign customer manager.

Customers who have access to their Teams page can see all customer managers who manage their account. This is to ensure customers are aware of all users who can access their account for security and audit purposes.

Customer managers tag List of customer managers from within a customer account


Customers cannot remove or edit a customer manager on their team. Workato denotes customer managers with a unique tag within customer accounts.

# Accessing customer accounts

After you create a customer manager, they can then access their customers' accounts from the Teams interface.

Customer managers can also access a customer account from the Customer page.


Navigate to Admin console > Customers > Customer page.


Click Switch to this account. Customer managers Access a customer account from the customer info page

Both actions switch the customer manager from the current account to the selected customer account. They can then perform actions in the customer account.

# Audit tracking

The activity audit log tracks all log ins, log outs, and work performed by customer managers.

The log also tracks changes made to recipes by individual users.

To view changes to recipes made by individual users:


Select a recipe.


Navigate to the Versions interface.


View the Modified by column.

Changes to recipesView changes to recipes

# Edit or remove a customer manager

To edit a customer manager:


Navigate to the Customer managers interface.


Click the more icon.

Edit customer managerEdit or remove customer manager


Select Edit customer manager.

Choose a new role for the user.

You can also assign the user to different customer accounts.


Click Save.

Remove this user from the list of customer managers to revoke access to all customer accounts.


Navigate to the Customer managers interface.


Click the more icon.


Select Remove customer manager.

Remove customer managerRemove customer manager

When you remove a customer manager Workato prevents them from accessing customer accounts in the future. Workato preserves all of the work they completed in customer accounts.


  1. How does the customer manager feature work if I already have Embedded partner team members in my customer account?

    Answer: There are two options to add Workato Embedded partners to their customers' accounts. The first option is to invite them through the teams feature. The second option is to invite them through the customer manager feature.

    Both of these options can work together. Consider a situation where you already have Embedded partner team members on your customers' teams. To add them as customer managers, you must invite them to your customers' teams using the customer manager feature.

  2. Can my team member have two roles in a customer account?

    Answer: No. If you assign a team member to a role using the team feature, this role takes precedence over roles assigned through other methods.

    Consider a situation where a customer team invites a user to the team as an operator and also assigns the same user to an admin role through the customer manager feature. In this scenario, the user's role in the team is operator. They cannot access this customer team as an admin.

    You may remove the manual invite from the team. Then, the user can access the customer account with an admin role.

Last updated: 8/7/2023, 7:58:28 PM