# Workato Embedded Curated community

As a Workato Embedded partner, understanding the integration needs of your customers and the knowledge of your own app and APIs are paramount to creating the best user experience. The Curated community allows you to customize the Community recipes (opens new window) browse results to include recommended recipes built by you and the apps that are most relevant to your customer community.

With these tools, sharing useful recipes will help your customers kickstart their integration building on the white labelled or embedded platform quickly.

# Apps

There are a few ways apps can display in the Community Library for your customers:

# Allowed apps

If the customer's account has a list of allowed apps (managed via App access settings), the Community Library will only display the apps in the list.

For example: If a customer can only access Salesforce and Google Sheets, only these two apps will display in the library.

If you opt not to define app access settings for your customers, you can display a list of Recommended apps:

Workato Embedded dashboard Recommended apps

The out-of-the-box Workato Embedded branding configuration allows you to specify up to 16 apps to display at the top of the apps list. This list could contain the most popular apps amongst your customers that they want to conntect to your application.

To add or update this list of applications, contact your Customer Success manager.

# Full list of apps

If you don't want to use Recommended apps or App access, you can also display the full list of Workato apps instead.

# Shared recipes

The recipe sharing feature allows Workato Embedded partners to share useful template recipes with customers.

The recipes that are shared by you will always be the top search results when users browse for community recipes. They will appear with a unique tag; In the example below, the starred tag ACME Recommended is a Workato Embedded partner-shared recipe.

Workato Embedded: Recipe sharing Shared recipes appear at the top of search results

Your customers can easily identify these recipes and make a copy in their account by clicking on 'Use this recipe'.

# Add a shared recipe

To add a recipe to your community, simply make the recipe public and a recommended recipe in the Settings tab of the recipe.

Workato Embedded: Add shared recipe Public and recommended recipe settings

# Shared connectors

Shared connectors is a paid add-on that allows you to share custom connectors (SDK connectors) only to your customer community.

For more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive.