# Shared connectors

Shared connectors are custom connectors that are shared through the Workato Embedded admin console exclusively to all customer accounts only. This allows partners to build and manage the versions of the connectors that are required by their customer community, resulting in quicker turnaround time and greater control over the functionality of the connector.

The shared connectors feature also enables Workato Embedded partners to limit the use of their private APIs to their customers only if these are required in the custom connector.

Shared connectors Shared connectors tab in the Admin Console

# Building a connector

Before a connector can be shared, a custom connector, or SDK connector, is built in the admin account. A custom connector allows Workato to interact with a single application through a series of triggers and actions.

Connectors built on the SDK are private by default which means that they are only visible and available to the connector owner. The connectors are first built in the admin account as a custom connector and are then shared as a shared connector.

View the SDK developer program documentation to get started with building a connector.

# Sharing a connector

Once the connector is built and tested, it is ready to be pushed to the customer community. Head to the Admin console > Shared connectors tab to manage all shared connectors. Be sure to release the version of the connector you wish to share.

Shared connectors Picking a connector to share

Select 'Share connector', then select from the list of custom connectors and the version to share. The connector is now successfully shared to all customer accounts.

Once shared, these connectors can be then used by customers in their recipes simply by selecting the connector in the recipe editor. It will function like any of Workato's global connectors. There is no installation process — the connector functions like a global connector to all customer accounts.

Note that customers can use these connectors in their recipes but will not be able to view or edit the source code. The connector will also be unavailable in the customer's 'Custom connectors' tool page.

# Version management

Partners may continually develop the connector while a version of it is shared to all customers. After development and test cycles, Workato Embedded partners can then release the latest version of the connector.

Shared connectors Picking a connector to share

If the shared connector has a new version released, it will prompt the partner to update to the newest version. Simply select 'Update version' to select from a list of released versions.

Partners may also rollback to a previous version by clicking on the overflow menu on each shared connector and clicking on 'Switch shared version'.

# Exporting shared connectors

The admin account containing custom connectors may be used to export and import to both accounts outside their customers as well as their customer accounts. Continue reading to learn more about the expected behavior when importing packages with custom connectors.

# Exporting for customer accounts

If the connector has been shared with customer accounts as a shared connector, it will always automatically identify as a shared connector in customer accounts. In this case, the connector should not be included as a part of the package during the export process.

Shared connectors Picking a connector to share

During the export process, the warning as shown in the image above will appear to remind users to remove the connector if it has already been shared with the account it will be imported to. In the screenshot, also note that the Simpletexting custom connector is removed from the manifest used to build the package. When imported, the recipes will work with the version that is shared by the partner in the admin account's Shared connectors page.

# Importing to other accounts

If importing a connector to other environments outside of the customer accounts, the custom connector must be included in the manifest and package. On import, this will install the packaged connector if it doesn't exist or update the connector if it is already present in the other account.

# Removing shared connectors

This is an irreversible action that will cause the selected connector to no longer be discoverable or usable by customers. Any customer recipes currently using this connector will stop working. Please ensure all affected recipes are stopped before removing the connector.