# Customers

The Customers tab is an important tab within the Workato Embedded Admin Console that give partners a detailed look into usage and stats within customer accounts. Here, partners can view more details of each customer account, add/remove and manage customer accounts as well as access them.

The following sections cover how the information provided in the customer tab can be used to your best advantage.

# Customer table

Admin console Customers table Customer table

The customer table shows the full list of customers and the following information for each customer:

Header Description
Customer Customer name, external ID (in brackets if present) and plan. All these parameters can be edited.
Joined The date the customer account was created on.
Tasks The number of tasks available to the customer per month. This task limit is informed by the plan.
Connections The number of authenticated connections. This connection limit is informed by the plan.
Connected apps The top 5 apps connected by count

# Sorting, Searching & Filtering

# Sorting

All the parameters listed above with the exception of Connected apps can be sorted. Sorting is enabled by clicking on the table headers. Clicking twice will reverse the sorting order.

Header Sort order
Customer Customer name by alphabet. In order to filter by plan, use the filters above the table.
Joined By date.
Tasks By the number of tasks consumed.
Connections By the number of authenticated connections.

# Search/Filter

Above the customer table, you may search and filter by the following:

Filter type Description
Search Search by customer name and/or external ID. Searched terms will be highlighted.
Plan Filter by plans available. This list of plans correspond to your list of custom plans. To add or remove plans, please contact your customer success manager.
Status The status of a customer can be:
  • Active
  • Expired subscription
  • In trial
Customers with an 'Expired subscription' will be on a Workato Community (free) plan. This plan has a limit of 100 tasks/month and reflects the expiry of a trial or downgrade of plan.

If customers are no longer subscribed, we recommend removing the customer.
App Use this filter to view specific customers that are using a selected app.
Date joined Filter customers by date joined. Select an available date range or provide a custom one.

# Adding a customer

Customers can be added in 2 ways:

To add a customer on the UI, simply click on the '+ Add Customer' button just above the customer table. The parameters required are:

  • Customer name
  • Notification email (Recipe errors are sent to this email)
  • Plan
  • External ID (optional)

Workato Embedded: Adding customer via UI Adding a customer via UI

# Customer information

Individual customer information pages are available when you click on a customer in the table. This page allows admins to view the customer's dashboard, members in the customer team and change settings on the account.

# Customer dashboard

The dashboard shows the number of active recipes currently running and the success/error rates across the recipes. It can be filtered by time.

Workato Embedded customer dashboard Customer information page

# Collaborators

The Collaborators tab shows the team members in the account: their name, email and role is displayed. Customer managers are displayed with a tag.

Workato Embedded: Customer collabs Customer team collaborators

# Switch to customer account

To access the customer account, Customer managers may click on the 'Switch to this account' button on the top right of the page to access to the customer account. If other team members require access to the account, you should manually add them to the team while in the customer account.

# Settings

The settings page allows changing the configuration on the customer account. This includes:

  • Subscription
  • External ID
  • IFrame origin URL (for Workato Embedded/Embedded connection widget only)
  • Deleting the customer account

# Subscription

To change the plan or trial status of a customer account, use the 'Subscription' option in customer settings. You may change the plan to one of the existing custom plans available to your account. To add or remove plans, please contact your customer success manager.

Workato Embedded: Subscription Customer settings

You may also choose to put the customer on Trial status. This gives the user the opportunity to try the Workato platform in a 30-day trial. Users in trial have 100 tasks/month and the trial lasts for 30 days. The user is automatically downgraded to the 'Free' plan after 30 days. As a Workato Embedded partner, you may extend the trial by simply re-enabling it and changing the plan.

Once the customer has subscribed, simply disable the Trial and the user will be in an Active subscription.

# External ID

The external ID is a customer ID assigned to the customer by the Workato Embedded partner. This ID usually corresponds to a customer ID within your CRM. You may change the value at any time, but do note that any APIs using the external ID as an input will be affected if you change this ID.

Workato assigns each customer a unique User ID as well. This ID can be obtained in the URL of the customer information page.

# IFrame origin URL

This setting is available for customers using Workato embedded. When a URL is entered here, it overrides the IFrame origin URL set on the Partner admin account.

For example, if the account has origin URL: https://company.com, if no value is set in the customer account, the customer account will inherit the same origin. If the customer has a unique domain they login with eg. https://1.company.com, you can change that in this setting and it will only apply to the selected customer.

This enables the use of multiple custom domains/workspace domains that your application supports.

# Multiple origins per customer

Multiple origins per customer is supported as well. Enter comma-separated URLs in this field (eg.https://na1.company.com,https://eu1.company.com,https://na2.company.com).

When this is done, the origins should be provided as origin when generating the JWT. Once the user signs in using this JWT, the provided origin will be saved into the session object and will be used for the lifetime of the session until the user signs out. View this document for more information on JWT direct linking.

# Delete account

The Workato Embedded partner may delete a customer account at any time. Please note that this removes the customer account for good — all data, recipes etc. will be removed and cannot be recovered.

# Customer management APIs

Customer management APIs are available that can perform a variety of functions on a customer account. View the list of Customer management APIs here.