# Workato Fully Embedded

Workato Fully Embedded allows you to build and manage customer integrations directly within your product by embedding an iframe in the UI.

EmbeddedEmbedded in an iframe in ACME ERP

Embedded is an alternative to building an in-house integration or automation solution. By embedding the Workato platform into your product UI, you and your customers have access to all the tools required to build, run, and maintain integrations.

Refer to the implementation guide for information on how to implement Fully Embedded.

In addition, Workato offers the Embedded connection widget, which enables customers to authenticate their applications in their own UI.

# Features

The following section describe Embedded's features.

With Embedded in your UI, you retain control of the overall user experience, and can tailor it to your customers' needs. You can determine which Workato features to include, such as the following example which includes:

  • Dashboard
  • Recipes
  • App connections
  • Community pages

The example configuration also provides links to Tools, including Lookup tables and Environment properties.

Navigation Navigation and the Workato iframe

You can customize the navigation experience completely by specifying the Workato paths (/recipes) that link to the correct page.


The customer's plan or role (admin, operator, or analyst) determines the pages they can access. Refer to collaborator roles for more information on role-based access control.

# Browser navigation

Browser navigation with back and forward buttons load the correct pages and pages embedded in the iframe. New tabs open to the correct page with the vendor URL and path.

Embedded URL Embedded Partner URL and Workato path

# Deep linking

Deep linking refers to mapping your URL to the Workato URL. Mapping ensures that launching your URL simultaneously launches the correct iframe URL. It also ensures that the browser URL can be shared or bookmarked for future use.

In the following image, the URL provided by the vendor is https://acme-erp.com/integration. It is followed by the Workato path /dashboard to direct users to the correct page.

Embedded URL Embedded Partner URL and Workato path

# Redirection

When users try to visit https://www.workato.com/ while logged into your app, Embedded redirects them to the URL provided. In ACME's example, Workato redirects customers tohttps://acme-erp.com/integration.

# Browser support

Embedded supports all modern and up-to-date browsers, including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox


If you use Internet Explorer, you must switch to Microsoft Edge or another browser to test Embedded functionality. Embedded is not available on Internet Explorer.

# Cross-site tracking

Your browser's tracking protection mechanisms may sometimes block the Workato iframe content from loading. To prevent this, configure your browser to allow cookie access in a third-party context.

Chrome cookies Select Allow all cookies to allow the Workato iframe to load

Google Chrome
Enable all cookies. Google Chrome blocks third-party cookies in Incognito mode by default. Enable third-party cookies in Incognito mode by going to Settings > Privacy and security > General settings and select Allow all cookies.
Apple Safari
Disable Prevent cross-site tracking in Preferences > Privacy.

Last updated: 1/12/2024, 4:26:53 PM