# Workato Embedded

Workato Embedded gives our Workato Embedded partner's customers the best end user experience to build and manage their integrations straight out of their product. It allows all pages and elements on the Workato platform to be embedded within in an iFrame built into the partner’s platform UI.

Workato embedded Workato embedded in an IFrame in ACME ERP

Instead of choosing to build an in-house integration or automation solution, partners can now embed a platform built and maintained by Workato, specialists in the integration and automation space. The Workato Embedded model allows our partners to utilize all of Workato's experience in the integration space and all the tools required to build, run, and maintain integrations in a modern, scalable way.

The following describes the various features of Workato Embedded. For implementation details, read on here.

You may also be looking to embed just the connection widget from Workato into your product, which allows customers to authenticate their applications. If so, read the Embedded connection widget document.

# Key benefits

From a partner’s point of view,

  • You’re giving your customers the ability to build their own integrations while you have complete control over whether administration of customer accounts by your customer success teams are necessary
  • Your customers will get the most seamless transition from your product to Workato embedded in your own UI
  • All your customers will have access to the full set of features the Workato platform provides, including our 350+ out of the box connectors and 700+ community connectors and our library of 100,000 recipes

All tools that we have built for our direct customers will be at the disposal of yours, allowing your team to focus on the core features and innovations that you want to deliver to your customers while leaving the building and maintenance of the integration platform features to us.

# Features

As a Workato Embedded partner, the first thing to think about is navigation. Your app will provide the appropriate navigation experience for your customers, giving them all the features that are most important and relevant to them.

As you can see in the screenshot below (with the Workato iFrame portion in green), the navigation through the Workato product is handled in the leftmost menu. In this case, the partner has chosen to implement the Dashboard, Recipes, App connections and Community pages, which is similar to the navigation bar in Workato. They have also chosen to provide links to Tools such as Lookup tables and Account properties.

Navigation Navigation and the Workato IFrame

The Workato Embedded partner can customize this experience completely by simply specifying the Workato paths (eg. /recipes) that link to the correct page. Note that only the pages the customer will have access to based on their role or based on their plan will be accessible.

# Deep linking

In a Workato embedded scenario, the Workato Embedded partner's URL will always be mapped to the Workato URL. With this, we ensure that launching vendor URL will always launch the correct IFrame URL and that the browser URL can be shared or bookmarked for future use.

In the image below, the URL provided by the vendor is https://acme-erp.com/integration. It will then be appended by the Workato path to direct users to the correct page.

Workato embedded URL Workato Embedded Partner URL and Workato path

# New tabs/back/forward

Browser navigation with back and forward buttons loads correct Workato Embedded partner pages and IFrame pages and all new tabs will also open to the correct page with the vendor URL and path.

Workato embedded URL Workato Embedded Partner URL and Workato path

# Redirection

Should your customer get curious and try to visit workato.com (opens new window) while logged in to your app, don't worry! They will always be promptly redirected back to your site to the provided URL. In ACME's example, they will be redirected to https://acme-erp.com/integration.

# Customization

In order to provide a seamless user interface, Workato Embedded partners can customize Workato Embedded to suit their branding and configuration needs.

The following configurable attributes are provided by the Workato Embedded partner:

  • Origin and path prefix
    • For navigation and linking
  • Main branding colour
    • Applied to CTAs, tabs, highlights etc.
  • Hover colour
    • Applied to hover states
  • Fonts
    • Applied to all text
  • Iframe attributes
    • Margins, internal padding so the pages render correctly
  • Recipe editor colours
    • All top bar colours in the recipe editor

# Browser support

Workato Embedded is currently supported on all modern and up-to-date browsers, including, but not limited to:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer*

*While IE11 is still supported on the Workato site as of Oct 2020, we have decided to cease support for Workato Embedded. The new Microsoft Edge browser is adopted by enterprises. Microsoft has planned this by the end of 2020; the next major Windows update will include Edge for all users.

# Cross-site tracking

Browsers’ tracking protection mechanisms may, at times, block the Workato IFrame content from loading. The browser must thus be configured to allow cookie access in a third-party context.

Chrome cookies Select Allow all cookies to allow the Workato IFrame to load

  • Google Chrome: Enable all cookies. Note that Google Chrome blocks third-party cookies in Incognito mode by default. If loading a page with the Workato IFrame in Incognito, select Allow all cookies in your Chrome Settings > Privacy & Security > Cookies and other site data.
  • Apple Safari: Disable 'Prevent cross site tracking' in Settings > Privacy.