# Managing recipes

This section introduces the tools that enable you to seamlessly manage recipes.

# Recipe Lifecycle Management

Organize recipes into workspaces that are designated for development, testing, or production. Recipe lifecycle management enables teams to collaborate through a version control system, and to export and import recipes and their dependencies between workspaces.

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# Workato Admin Dashboard

Monitor the health of your running recipes. The Workato Dashboard allows users to visualize real-time data pertaining to the recipes and connections in their Workato account at a glance. It provides key insights, analytics, and actions so you can discover and resolve issues faster.

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# Track activity within your Workato team

The Activity audit provides a simple and powerful interface for Workato administrators to comprehensively track changes to the account, connections, recipes, folders, and packages. Throughout the lifecycle of your project, it gives you the visibility to quickly identify the changes and analyze their impact.

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